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Emergency vehicles galore!

I have just finished uploading the last of the Barry Copcola photos required for the PhotoNews 109 print run. They can be found by searching the Road & General for “BC0006”.

No time to blog ! !

For the last few weeks life in the office has been devoted to fulfilling orders for scans from the back catalogue during which time the images on the DotNet web have been steadily diminishing.

Just in time, I managed to get some lorries (CZC) and buses (RS) scanned and then had an offer of the loan of some more of the aircraft negatives from the late Brian Stainer’s collection. I have made a start on these and have digitised the colour negatives and propliners.

Robert Mack negatives now being digitised for cataloguing.

270 photos from the former Robert Mack collection have just been uploaded to our DotNet site in the RS and RSc groups. Many of these were taken by Fred York and other well known photographers who’s names will be added to the data once catalogued.

252 aircraft photos upoloaed to the DotNet wev site

169 Italian civil from the Barry Hardy collection and 83 more from Jelle Sjoerdsma’s collection.

The Mustang is I-BILL, a Cavalier Mustang 2000 photographed at Greenham Common 26th June 1977. She crashed killing Ormond Haydon-Baillie and his passenger at Mainz-Finthen the following week.

120 more photos by Jelle Sjoerdsma

Cold War Warriors from RAF Germany are again the theme of the latest upload to our DotNet “Virtual spotting” web site.

If you are cataloguing these and you see one with the box like Radar Homing Warning Receiver [RHWR] fitted to the fin, please add RHWR after the Model name and mark. — Have fun guys.

Playing catch-up

Most of last week was spent scanning images that were already listed on the main web site, notably Swiss registered light civil aircraft and Beagle Pups.

963 "new" photos uploaded to our main web site.

A massiff 963 new items uploaded to our main web site including:

64 Geoff Cousins trucks at Guyhirn [CZC] —>.

40 Jack London trucks [JLC]

Latest uploads to both web sites

104 photos taken during January this year including Brighton and Cobham Services.

679 photos from the Jack London collection taken early 1992 uploaded to our DotNet web site.

PhotoNews updates

All orders from PhotoNews 108 are now in the post and PhotoNews 109 is available on the main web site.

The aircraft issue has just under 600 military and civil photos.

The road transport issue has 835 photos.

Closing date for orders is 31st August.

330 photos by Stuart Martin uploaded to DotNet

Have just uploaded 330 superb photos from the Stuart Martin Collection to the DotNet web site for cataloguing. See the SMC group.

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