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Some more of Stuart Martin's photos added to DotNet

I have just uploaded over 200 new scans from the Stuart Martin collection for cataloguing on the DotNet web site. Just click SMC under the “To be Catalogued” tab.

These are not only buses and coaches but also some interesting ‘end of life’ loco shots.

Uploads galore!

Last night I uploaded 354 new images to the DotNet website. 216 ambulances and fire engines from the late Barry Coppola to the RK group and 137 buses and coaches to the RS group. Of the latter, the bag they were in was marked Israel, Malta, France, Belgium and USA but there were also some grainy UK shots from the 1950s(?) which look interesting although some may not be useable in the longer term.

Just uploaded 139 colour photos of buses

The RK section is new to DotNet although it has been a valid section on the main web site for several years.

The photos just uploaded come from a variety of sources including Barry Coppola and Brian Stainer but, as single negatives, were bagged and placed in a box for cataloguing later and became seriously mixed up in the process.

A further 120 colour to the DotNet MC collection

This time I have skipped the duplicated shots and selected the best. Some more close-ups of unit markings and nose art and, for a change, some Russian stuff.

219 UASF colour photos uploaded to DotNet

Most of the MC series are taken in Europe but this upload includes some taken during a trip to the States.

There are a lot of duplicate shots here and the best will be selected for the main web site when catalogued.

246 more images from Len Lane uploaded for cataloguing

Another 246 colour images from Len’s collection have just been uploaded to the DotNet web site and later today I should be uploading the remainder of the Paul Nichols’ photos that are needed of PhotoNews 108.

Current scanning activity is focused on more aviation negatives, this time from the MC collection and, from what I can see on the negatives, these include photos taken at a USAF base in the States.

Uploads for cataloguing

I have just uploaded a further 250 Geoff Cousins photos taken mostly at Guyhirn Bridge in 1999.

Due to a technical hitch I am unable to display the new aircraft images but we are hoping to have this rectified later today.

Uploads and transfers

I have just uploaded another batch of road transport photos to the DotNet site for cataloguing (CZC znd LLC) along with over 40 completed PNc images to the main site.

Latest uploads to DotNet

This morning I uploaded 520 truck and bus photos to the CZC and LLC catalogues for cataloguing.


Earlier in the week we discovered a coding fault on our server that caused the “Contact” link on our DotNet (cataloguing) web site to appear to function when, in fact, it didn’t. If you had tried to contact me via this link and were thinking I was being rather rude by not replying, well – sorry. It’s all fixed and working properly now.

Another issue on the DotNet site is that several of the collections awaiting cataloguing are virtually empty.

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