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Latest uploads to the DotNet web site

Have just uploaded 500 photos by the late Geoff Cousins and Len Lane. The prefixes are CZC and LLC respectively.

For those that are helping to catalogue these photos, some of the Geoff Cousins ones (taken in 1991) have dual locations copied from the negative folders. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to work out which locations apply to which photos.

Modern uploads to the main web site

I have just uploaded about 70 photos taken during December of last year on the A27 Chichester By-pass and at Cobham Services on the M25. I still have a further 20 to upload to complete the 2014 photos – then onto 2015.

New road transport images for cataloguing

The dust has cleared and I can use the scanner again I have added some more of Geoff Cousins’ “CZC“negatives to the DotNet site.

I have also made a start on Len Lane’s London bus negatives which have their own prefix “LLC

1,179 new line items added to the main web site.

Yes! 1,179 new photos have been catalogued by our team on the DotNet web site and added to our main catalogue since the last upload.

At the same time 230 new aircraft images have been added to the DotNet site for cataloguing now that I am able to start scanning again.

Thurrock Services April 2015 visit.

We spent 30 minutes at Thurrock last month to take a few photos. The results were quite satisfactory given the crowded conditions and I have just uploaded 45 shots to the main web site.

One slight mystery is C11 HGB on the right. Operated by Hailstone Travel, she doesn’t show up in the usual places on the Internet so based on photo comparison I am guessing that she might be a Mercedes O814D with a Eurocoach LX33 body. Can anybody confirm please?

New aircraft and European steam photos to DotNet site

I have just uploaded 100 aircraft photos including this PA-22 in the Fiji Airways hangar and 167 photos of German Federal Railway steam engines and general views including this Class 01 loco photographed in Bavaria in September 1971.

Royal Egyptian Air Force Halifax and more

Have spent several days scanning negs from the back catalogue, that is, negatives that were catalogued before I went digital. Amongst those to be scanned were several Halifaxes including G-ALVJ.

Now Photoshop is a wonderful tool capable of revealing detail that couldn’t be seen using the enlarger. In this case it revealed a four digit number above the RAF serial RT852 and a bit of sleuthing identified this as 1155 of the Royal Egyptian Air Force.

PhotoNews 108

Somewhat later than intended PN108 is now available here with 402 Road images and 594 aircraft.

For personal reasons the time between issues of PhotoNews has been extended to two months.

400+ uploads to our main site

Just uploaded 400+ new line items to the main site thanks to the efforts of those helping to catalogue our DotNet images. Subjects include lorries, military and civil aircraft and some more European steam.

The images still have to go through the Photoshop process but this is speeded up as there is no requirement to draw the negatives out of the archive again.

Thanks for all the help guys.

Some more military aircraft negs

The negative of US Marine Corps Lockheed KC-130T Hercules, BuAer 163022 of VMGR-234 has just been uploaded to our DotNet web site for cataloguing.

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