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Never a dull moment

At last I have managed to get the PhotoNews 107 orders away for printing. All I have to do now is put PhotoNews 108 together and get that off to my other printers so everything can go out at the same time.

Whilst all this has been going on there has been a bit of a backlog of scan requests building up so, if you are one of those waiting to see the images you asked for, fear not as I have made a start on them.

First task was to scan all of the Aston Clinton Haulage photos of Mercedes-Benz 1633 FJO 202Y.

Computers can be wonderful - sometimes!

More bus negs for the archive

Over the Easter weekend I had a visit from bus enthusiast Len Lane who donated his collection of negatives to the archive. Len describes them as being over 10,000 and mostly Routemasters. Len, we thank you for your generosity and you have my assurances that your collection will be kept together and will be catalogued under a unique prefix “LLC”. Watch this space.

Playing Catchup

For a while now I have been trying to master the art of photographing lorries at speed from the side of the A27. This is very difficult in the Worthing area as most drivers will confirm that 25 to 30 is about the most you can expect. What was needed was a nice stretch of road curving away in the background without lots of lampposts and the sun shining from behind my right sholder.

Welcome to the West bound A27 between the Southwick Tunnell and the Holmbush exit.

New Dutch civil aircraft scans.

I’m not quite clear as to what’s going on in this photo so would welcome any suggestions. To see it in greater detail click here. If you are not already registered to use the DotNet zoom facility you will need to do that first.

More image uploads to our DotNet site

G-APLO is amongst 127 new images in the G-AP** series added to the AG section on our DotNet web site starting with AG13073. I don’t see many photos of her in this colour scheme so any suggestions as to when or where it might have been taken would be appreciated.

This weeks scanning target met

The target was to get all of the Paul Nichols negatives scanned ready for PhotoNews 107 closing. Somehow I have actually managed to do it which only leaves the aircraft to be done.

This bus is something of an enigma. VRG 145 has a colour scheme that looks very like that used on JGV 332N of Squirrels of Hitcham but I can’t find any reference to her anywhere after she left Scottish service. Can anybody help?

Some European steam

I have been sitting on a small collection of 1970s European steam locos and general railway views that I purchased from an antique dealer many years ago.

Friday 6th March - Still scanning!

One thing about scanning negatives which you didn’t take yourself is that you never know what you will find. I certainly did not expect to find a photograph of Frank Williams (Saudia Williams Grand Prix Engineering Ltd) taking delivery of a brand new Leyland Roadtrain from Ron Hancock, Leyland’s chairman, with both of them standing in front of Keke Rosberg’s FW08C from the 1983 season.

Tuesday 3rd March

I spent most of today working on more from the John Simmons collection and found several shots of this rather unusual dropframe curtainsider operated by London Bakers Buying Association.

There are several more shots of her if you click on Road & General>New scans.

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