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Monday 2nd March

Prompted by the interest in some of the cars and taxis featured in PhotoNews, I digitised 100 of Barry Coppola’s 1960s negatives of cars parked roadside, mostly in West London. Barry was keen on American cars of the period and not surprisingly there are many examples – with several hundred still to come.

I am hoping there will be

Wednesday 25th Feb

At last I have managed to get a break from the computer. I drove up to Felixstowe to help a friend collect an old car.

Rather a lot of lorries up that way but having spent the best part of three hours trapped on the M23 as the result of a rather nasty accident we had little time to stop and take photographs. Later in the year perhaps?

I must say that the new Dart Charge works well and speeds up the traffic flow no end.

Tuesday 24th Feb

Most of the day was taken up with scanning more coach negatives from Paul Nichols.

Scanning and stuff

Most of last week was taken up with scanning black & white negatives of aircraft. These were mainly military from my friend Andy who specialises in civil aviation, although some Northrop T-38 Talons negatives from the late Brian Stainer managed to get in on the act. The final 100 were a mix of civil and military aircraft negs from Lee Mullins’ Aviation and General collection.

Bob opens a blog

The original intent was to start this blog on January 1st as a way of telling everybody what is happening down here. Typically the schedule slipped and PhotoNews 106 orders were very late going out – but go out they did – today!

Thanks to the stalwart efforts of those helping to catalogue more negatives, I was able to put PhotoNews 107 together in just a couple of hours. If anybody wants to give a hand with the cataloguing please take a look at . As I type this there are close on 5000 photos on that site all waiting to be catalogued.

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