Friday 6th March - Still scanning!

One thing about scanning negatives which you didn’t take yourself is that you never know what you will find. I certainly did not expect to find a photograph of Frank Williams (Saudia Williams Grand Prix Engineering Ltd) taking delivery of a brand new Leyland Roadtrain from Ron Hancock, Leyland’s chairman, with both of them standing in front of Keke Rosberg’s FW08C from the 1983 season. This official photo by John Simons was taken on the 17th Febuary 1984.

This evening I completed scanning the current batch of B&W negatives from the John Simons’ collection and have uploaded them directly to our main web site (click the Road>new scans link). The next batch of scheduled scans after the week-end should be European steam locomotives taken when they were still in general use. These will be loaded to our DotNet site in the hopes that some brave sole will be able to help with the cataloguing.