This weeks scanning target met

The target was to get all of the Paul Nichols negatives scanned ready for PhotoNews 107 closing. Somehow I have actually managed to do it which only leaves the aircraft to be done.

This bus is something of an enigma. VRG 145 has a colour scheme that looks very like that used on JGV 332N of Squirrels of Hitcham but I can’t find any reference to her anywhere after she left Scottish service. Can anybody help?

Unlike the road and general photos there is much less interest in the aircraft so I don’t bother digitising them until I know which ones are wanted. I think the main reason is that many aircraft enthusiasts carried cameras back in the “good old days” when airliners had props and the RAF had lots of serviceable aircraft. Back then “Spotters” were welcome at most airfields and at Heathrow the wingtips of Connies seemed to pass over the chairs in the public viewing area. Happy days.