Playing Catchup

For a while now I have been trying to master the art of photographing lorries at speed from the side of the A27. This is very difficult in the Worthing area as most drivers will confirm that 25 to 30 is about the most you can expect. What was needed was a nice stretch of road curving away in the background without lots of lampposts and the sun shining from behind my right sholder.

Welcome to the West bound A27 between the Southwick Tunnell and the Holmbush exit.

One of my reasons for going out and photographing something was to get away from the screen and keyboard. Those of you that take PhotoNews will know that I made a bit of an error in PN106 and included a batch of 1965 Brighton Coach Rally photos that had been taken using a faulty film batch. The result was a lot of fine black lines on the finished print so I set myself the task of cleaning them up on Photoshop to replace the faulty prints. The task took about three hours per negative and there is only so much time you can spend looking at a screen without damaging your eyesight. The results, however, are good and have produced photos that are 3 and 4 star rather than zero stars.

So – Playing Catchup? Well I didn’t manage to keep the blog as up to date as I had hoped. A lot of stuff has been scanned for the DotNet web site and a lot has been transfered from that site to our main site thanks to the stalwart efforts of all those that are helping with the cataloguing.

Although these new entries have been scanned they are still raw and need to be put through the Photoshop process to adjust brightness and contrast. This equates to focusing the enlarger and selecting the correct multigrade filter and generally getting the best out of the negative. More challenging is getting the colour correct as the dyes used for colour negatives tend to fade at different rates dependent on the storage temperature. (The recommended temp for colour film is -6 degrees!) I find the trick in getting the colour correct is to concentrate on the background. Hopefully all my Stobarts will be the correct shade of green rather than the multiple hues available from certain bootleggers on eBay – but that’s another story.