More bus negs for the archive

Over the Easter weekend I had a visit from bus enthusiast Len Lane who donated his collection of negatives to the archive. Len describes them as being over 10,000 and mostly Routemasters. Len, we thank you for your generosity and you have my assurances that your collection will be kept together and will be catalogued under a unique prefix “LLC”. Watch this space.

Also over the Easter weekend I added 100 scans from some negs received form my good friend Andy Anderson last week. As most will know, Andy donated his military collection to the archive many years ago and they are catalogued in the MIL section on the main web site starting at MIL10000. These new additions continue the sequence and start at MIL34547 on our DotNet site waiting to be catalogued. This photo of a 25 Sqdn Tornado F3 was taken at Yeovilton on the 17 July 1998 – hardly seems like 17 years ago.

The last weekend task, which is still ongoing, was to digitise the aircraft negatives for PhotoNews 107. This is almost complete with the SBAC Farnborough ’66 scans uploaded and just the military negs to do.