To blog or not to blog.

A series of events following a brilliant family holiday in Mallorca ruled out blogging through November, December and most of this month.

I won’t go into details save to say I have caught up with the backlog of letters, emails and scan requests and managed to get the latest issue of PhotoNews out before the end of this month. I am now getting the hang of the new computer and all the new fangled software.

The journey down to Barcelona was good and I practiced taking truck photos on the move, which certainly relieves the boredom of driving through Northern France!

As you approach Lyon the road opens out to three lanes giving the opportunity to drive in the “Fast” lane and thus get a better angle on the trucks.

We had an overnight stop at Lyon after which we were driving on the A7, offering higher traffic density and more interesting opportunities for photography.

CAUTION Do not try taking photographs if you are the one behind the wheel!