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Cat#PreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarkssort icon
RS01114Request PreviewNLP 391VLeyland National 2British Airways [BU279]Heathrow
RS01118Request PreviewMXX 12AEC Regal IV Metro-CammellLondon Transport [RF 370]
RS01119Request Preview(JXN 24)AEC Regent III WeymannLondon Transport [RT 996]
RS01127Request Preview6972 NDtbd tbdVintage Bus CoLondon
RS01129Request PreviewCUF 257LLeyland Leopard Duple DominantSouthdown (NBC) [1257]
RS01135Request Preview(KBH 187L)Metro-Scania BR 111MH Metro-CammellMerthyr Tydfil Corporation [187]
RS01141Request PreviewOJD 127RDaimler Fleetline Park RoyalLondon Cityrama Ltd
RS01145Request PreviewGHM 765NDaimler Fleetline Metro-CammellLondon Cityrama Ltd
RS01156Request PreviewXJF 92YDennis Falcon H Duple DominantLeicester City Transport [92]
RS01161Request PreviewBP 10-3665 [D]Mercedes-Benz O.303Postreisen
RS01163Request PreviewLeyland tbdPlymouth [118]
RS01168Image RS0116813 AAXBristol FL6G Lodekka ECWRed & White [L1360]
RS01182Request PreviewGFN 273tbd tbdEast Kent (Preserved)rally
RS01184Request PreviewVOY 179XLeyland Tiger PlaxtonBritish airways [CC 312]
RS01185Request PreviewYPJ 502YLeyland Olympian ECWAlder Valley (NBC) [1502]
RS01186Request Preview9 DERDaimler tbdB & Drally
RS01187Request PreviewMXX 456AEC Reagle IV Metro-CammellLondon Transport [RF 479]
RS01195Request Preview(NLE 568)AEC Regal IV Metro-CammellLondon Country [RF 568]
RS01201Request PreviewSBN 759Leyland tbdAvro Luxury Coaches Ltd 'Northern'
RS01205Request PreviewJPL 116KLeyland Atlantean Park RoyalLondon Country [AN 16]
RS01210Request PreviewMBO 519FAEC Swift AlexanderF G Wilder(?) & Son
RS01212Request PreviewBYX 177VMCW MetrolinerLondon Transport [M 177]Hounslow Garage
RS01246Request PreviewJEV 243YVan Hool TD 824 AstromegaSouthend Transport [243]rally
RS01250Request PreviewLPV 905GAEC tbd Plaxton Panorama EliteCapital Coaches
RS01266Request PreviewKOW 274YLeyland AtlanteanSouthanpton City [274]rally
RS01273Request PreviewLUH 395FLeyland Tiger Cub MarshallWestern Welsh (NBC)
RS01274Image RS01274JHA 853EBMMO S21West Midlands [5853]
RS01284Request PreviewLNY 536DLeyland Titan MasseyCaerphilly Council Transport [36]
RS01293Request PreviewKGS 483YLeyland tbd DupleTravellersSt Pauls
RS01297Request PreviewYPD 107YLeyland Tiger Duple Dominant IV ExpressGreen Line (NBC) [TD 7]Lambeth Bridge
RS01311Image RS01311W.201.604 [A]Steyr tbd post busOsterreichische Post
RS01312Request PreviewGR-3383Berna tbdH Hartmannc 1950
RS01313Request PreviewDN-T404 [?]Magirus Deutz tbd Saturn IIO. Doinet (West Reisen)
RS01316Image RS01316VFA 69XLeyland Leopard Willowbrook 003 ExpressPMT [69]
RS01322Request PreviewJUG 642AEC tbdGeo A Moore & Co Ltd
RS01323Request Preview098 P.O. [B]AEC tbd Jonckheere (?)Royal Cars
RS01324Request PreviewMAE 716AEC Regal half cab[35]
RS01325Request PreviewKDB 629AEC tbdNorth WesternA4 Henlys Corner
RS01326Request PreviewMUA 553AEC tbd PlaxtonBests
RS01327Request Preview23841 [?]AEC tbd
RS01328Request PreviewETA 996AEC tbd half cabTulip Motor Racing Stables
RS01330Request PreviewWWN 191AEC Reliance Harrington CavalierNeath & Cardiff
RS01331Request Preview8300 JWAEC Reliance PlaxtonDon Everall Ltd
RS01332Request Preview183 HMYAEC Reliance DupleGaynor's
RS01333Request PreviewGK 5486AEC tbdGreen Line (Preserved) [T 219]Brighton
RS01335Image RS01335XXT 511AEC Reliance Hannington CavalierTimpson
RS01336Image RS01336MST 800AEC Reliance AlexanderHighland Omnibuses [B17]Thurso Depot
RS01338Image RS01338536 DYOAEC Reliance Duple(N) ContinentalIsleworth Coaches
RS01340Request PreviewMLL 551AEC Regal IV Metro-CammellGreen Line [RF 164]
RS01341Request PreviewGK 5323AEC tbdLondon Transport (Preserved) [LT 165]