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Cat#PreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarkssort icon
VS00437Request PreviewFLK 398CCommer WalkthruInternational Aeradio LtdHeathrow
'Aerad flight deck chart service' () see 0497 for L(r) view
RS00503Request PreviewGYE 432WMCW tbdLondon Transport [M 432]M4
'Airbus' A1 - Heathrow
HuC0556Image HuC0556MLF 426Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15 DupleSamulesonWembly 28/4/56
'Airwork' charter with Airwork titles on side
HuC0556-d1Image HuC0556-d1MLF 426Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15 DupleSamulesonWembly 28/4/56
'Airwork' charter with Airwork titles on side. Detail from original negative.
RC00038-34Image RC00038-34WX03 EDPMAN LE 28.230 tipperTarmacLancing (A-27) 16/6/04
RC00040-18Image RC00040-18FX03 BKDScania R124L 420 curtainsideJKL Haulage 'Fastfruit'Clacket Lane Svs (M25) 17/6/04
AG06600Request PreviewCR-01Crested Wren[All star charity football match]Lydd
'All star charity football match'
RC00017-34Image RC00017-34R595 YAVDAF 95XF 430 curtainsideRAD WarehousingM25 South Mimms Svs 26/2/03
'Amanda Louise'
AG06541Request PreviewSRN6-022SRN-6Hoverlloyd [Swift]Ramsgate
'Artistic' shot through fence, port side slightly obscured
RH02187-02Request PreviewY966 RPXDAF LF removal vanPickfords [M6676]Horsham yard 1/7/02
'Arundel Castle' (Use RH 2187/3)
RH02187-03Request PreviewY966 RPXDAF LF removal vanPickfords [M6676]Horsham yard 1/7/02
'Arundel Castle' side doors open
RH02045-01Request PreviewM189 MFUMAN 17.322 cuirtainside stepframe semiSkelton TransportTrowell Svs (M1) 8/3/02
'Ascot' trailer
RC00045-17Request PreviewAY51 HHAVolvo FM12 340 flatMilbank Trucks [V58]Earls Colne 11/7/04
RH02084-02Image RH02084-02T319 ALNFoden 3000 flat semi with centre mounted Atlas block hoistEntwislesArundel (A27) 23/4/02
'Barry the Chef'
HuG0343Image HuG0343GFA 99Seddon tbd advertisingBass & CoEpson 1960
'Beer bottle'
HuG0344Image HuG0344GFA 99Seddon tbd advertisingBass & CoEpson 1960
'Beer bottle'
RG00676-02Request PreviewM779 PRSVolvo B10M Alexander PSBurnley & Pendle
'Blackpool Flyer' routemap
RG00684-03Request PreviewUPO 238TLeyland Atlantean E.LancsFirst [9393]Halifax Bus Stn
'Blade' Driver Training Unit
Hu01955Image Hu01955Exports - Industrial boiler for ColomboOtherIndustrial boiler for ColomboLondon Docks (Royal Group) 1950
'boiler' being loaded by crane
RS00600Request PreviewFWX 914Sunbeam trolleybus East LancsBradford CT [844]Bradford
'Bradford's last trolleybus' running in heavy traffic
RS00168Image RS00168FWX 914Sunbeam trolleybus East LancsBradford Corporation [844]Bradford
'Bradford's last trolleybus' special run
RC00037-19Image RC00037-19W278 RBUDAF 85 CF step-frame boxSprung SlumberLancing (A-27) 16/6/04
HuA0042Image HuA0042NPF 552Tilling Stevens K6LA7 DutfieldWhites / Buttler's [22]Wembley 1954
'Buttler's' on front - Whites on side
RS01071Request Preview(JKG 480F)Daimler Fleetline Metro-CammellCity of Cardiff [480]
'Cardiff welcomes the BR HQ' side view, front and regn not vis.
RC00017-31Image RC00017-31MX51 KMARenault Premium 420 curtainsideJames Irlam [357]M25 South Mimms Svs 26/2/03
RH02099-03Request PreviewSeddon Atkinson Strato generator unitClarke Transport (showman)Homefield Pk. Worthing 23/4/02
'Clarke Transport' may be former owner?
RG00663-01Request PreviewP57 ETOtbd tbd PlaxtonBarton [57]
'Commuter Express'
RH02053-02Request Preview777 VK 85Volvo FH12 reinforced flatPolytrans VendéeAutogrill service station (N634) Bilbao 15/4/02
'Convoi Exceptionnel'
RK00418-01Image RK00418-01F542 RVVVolvo F10 bulk tipperDavid Pack & SonsGuyhirn 8/89
'Cranford bulker'
RG00615-02Request PreviewMLK 589LDaimler FleetlineLondon Transport [CB 4]
'Culture Bus' 'Major Hannibal Chollop'
RS01276Request PreviewMLK 589LDaimler FleetlineLondon Transport [CB 4]St Pauls
'Culture Bus' 'Major Hannibal Chollop'
RG00615-03Request PreviewMLK 589LDaimler FleetlineLondon Transport [CB 4]
'Culture Bus' 'Major Hannibal Chollop' (Spare neg)
RK00196Request PreviewWBM 273KERF A Srs ride transporterT Smith & Son (showman) [1]fair
'Cyclone Twist'
RK00409-02Request PreviewVB-67-XNScania 143M 450 tractor unitV DrunenNorwich Truckfest 8/89
'Daddy's Darling'
RC00042-29Image RC00042-29GMG 222 [B]Scania R124G 360 curtainsideDe VreeseThurrock Svs (M25) 17/6/04
RG00693-2Image RG00693-2OWY 566PGuy Big J 4T dropsideFirst Huddersfield [90064]Depot
'Do not use on the road. Yard use only. No MOT!'
RS00808Request PreviewGPW 443DBedford tbd PlaxtonDorset Queen
'Dorset Queen' may be name
Hu03510Image Hu03510KRM 439Leyland Royal Tiger PSU 1/11 BurlinghamHamiltonWembley 1952
'Duke of Edinburgh'
RG00439-01Request PreviewUS 6798Albion tbdEasyBus rally
'East Coast Express'
RS00509Image RS00509429 UFMLeyland Royal Tiger Roe DoyenCrosville (NBC)Showbus ?
'Euro Lynx International'
RS00849Request PreviewKTJ 657KFord tbd VanhoolEuroscene ExpressBrighton 1971
'Euroscene Express' may be route name. BCR # 30
RS00840Request PreviewKTJ 657KFord tbd VanhoolEuroscene ExpressBrighton 1971
'Euroscene Express' may be service BCR # 30
RG00621-01Request PreviewLCY 108XLeyland Leopard PSU 3 Willowbrook 003 ExpressSouth Wales (NBC) [108]
'Express West'
RC00010-19Request PreviewS484 MEFScania P94D 220 curtainsideNidd TransportArundel A27 15/12/02
'Fair play on fuel'
RS00968Request PreviewRTT 417Ntbd coachCornwall Coachways (NBC) [2417]Falmouth
'Falmouth Hotels Assn. - FREE TOWN TOUR'
RK00022Request PreviewA280 ROWLeyland Olympian East LancsSouthampton City [280]rally
'Fastfare' exact fare only scheme
RK00294-01Image RK00294-01HJL 141NERF B srs Haunted HouseJ E Gilbey & Son (showman)Guyhirn 10/89
'Fenland Flyer'
RC00039-13Image RC00039-13X326 KDNScania R144L 460 curtainsideRediplexClacket Lane Svs (M25) 17/6/04
RK00167Request PreviewNEB 428MFoden S10 cab generator unitD Print & Son (showman)fair
'Flying Coaster'
RC00011-36Request PreviewAV52 KNFScania P124L 420 curtain sideMagnusA27 Crossbush 7/1/03
'Frances Helen' Geest trailer