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Addedsort iconCat#PreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
13 Jun 2019DNC09836Request PreviewG14 TJWVolvo FL818 skip loaderTJ Waste & Recycling LtdA285 Upwaltham, W.Sussex 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09837Request PreviewGF08 DNEVolvo FM440 sleeper boxMarriage'sA285 Upwaltham, W.Sussex 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09838Request PreviewDF14 EXLMAN TGS 26.440 double deck curtainsideCEVA LogisticsA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09839Request PreviewJW08 JSWScania R420 LA livestock transporterno titles [Ali Bear]A27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09840Request PreviewBN61 UVZDAF LF 55.220 box vanKingsmill [36]A27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09841Request PreviewN4 HBCMAN car transporterHBC Vehicle ServicesA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
2002 registration
13 Jun 2019DNC09842Request PreviewWP64 ZDUMercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 box vanJohn Lewis [21.949]A27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09843Request PreviewKE04 CFVDAF CF concrete mixerCemexA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09844Request PreviewB10 VNLVolvo B10MT Van Hool AlizeeTop Marks TravelA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
2001 registration
13 Jun 2019DNC09845Request PreviewWA07 DVWVolvo FM 460 hook loaderViridorA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09846Request PreviewBX07 PZWDAF CF 75.310FraikinA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09847Request PreviewYN64 XSLScania N230UB Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach South [15984]A27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
Route branded: Coastliner 700 - Brighton
13 Jun 2019DNC09848Request PreviewKY11 OEUVolvo FM 450 Globetrotter XXL dropside with hoistWincantonA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09849Request PreviewFE13 XDBDAF XF 105.460 Super Space boxUPSA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
White c/s
13 Jun 2019DNC09850Request PreviewNH13 YWHSetra S415GT-HDNational Holidays [550]A27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09851Request PreviewPN08 RLXScania P340CB hookloaderEuropean Metal Recycling (EMR)A27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09852Request PreviewKM14 ZXBVolvo FH 500 Globetrotter skeletal with MOFU containerMaritime [2212]A27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
MOFU = Mitsui OSK Lines
13 Jun 2019DNC09853Request PreviewPN57 FKHMercedes-Benz Axor concrete mixerDudmanA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09854Request PreviewGN12 FXWDAF CF 85.360 hook loaderMTS (Southern Water contract)A27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09855Request PreviewLK13 ATNRenault Premium Route 460.25 reeferPCL TransportA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09856Request PreviewYN15 EKHScania K360 Irizar i6Solus CoachesA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09857Request PreviewWX06 FPUDAF CF 85.430 Space Cab half pipe tipperKendall AggregatesA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09858Request PreviewBL12 LCAIveco Daily 35S11 groceries deliveryTescoA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09859Request PreviewHK14 DVMDAF XF 460 bulk tipperChurchill Freight ServicesA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09860Request PreviewYT12 GPVMercedes-Benz Axor 1843 dropsideAmber Scaffolding LtdA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09861Request PreviewRX64 XTVDAF LF 180 E5 dropsideBagnalls Haulage LtdA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09862Request PreviewDU61 ACXVolvo FH 460 Globetrotter XL double deck stepframe boxPoundlandA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09863Request PreviewPY63 MKCScania R450 Highline walking floorA W JenkinsonA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09864Request PreviewPN61 BNEMercedes-Benz Atego 1823 curtainsideClarke TransportA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09865Request PreviewKR57 PVTVolvo FM 360 Globetrotter flat with craneAxle Haulage LtdA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09866Request PreviewHN14 HKOIveco Stralis AS440S46TX/P half pipe tipperTJ TransportA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09867Request PreviewGX14 DMUBMW 530D AC estateSussex PoliceA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09868Request PreviewGN06 XXDIveco Daily 40C12 minibusChyne Day CentreA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
Funded by The Variety Golf Society and Presented by the Character Group plc.
13 Jun 2019DNC09869Request PreviewJ45 ORNVauxhall Astra Club CDTi escort vehicleBoxhill Caravans LtdA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09870Request PreviewX811 HBEScania P94D 310 flatBoxhill Caravans LtdA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
13 Jun 2019DNC09871Request PreviewFN02 VBEIveco Euromidi CC80E.18M Indcar Maxim 2A&A TravelA27 Crossbush 29/07/2015
11 Jun 2019DNC09833Image DNC09833M 6000CCJaguar XJ Daimler MajesticShoreham Airport 25/07/2015
Dummy registration plate.
11 Jun 2019DNC09835Request PreviewDN61 NZEMitsubishi L200 4work pick-upSouthern WaterA285 Upwaltham, W.Sussex 29/07/2015
10 Jun 2019DNC09795Image DNC09795SN10 CCJAlexander Dennis Enviro 200 DartRAPT London United [DE105]Buckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015
Route: C1 - White City
10 Jun 2019DNC09796Image DNC09796YX11 AECAlexander Dennis Enviro 200 DartAbellio LondonBuckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015
Route: C10 - Canada Water
10 Jun 2019DNC09797Image DNC09797WIL 9816VDL Bova FuturaWilliams TravelVictoria Street, London 06/07/2015
10 Jun 2019DNC09798Image DNC09798LT63 UNSVolvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban 2Arriva the Shires [AJ261 "Billy"]Victoria Street, London 06/07/2015
Route branded "Route 2": Route (Green Line) 758 - Hemel Hempstead
10 Jun 2019DNC09800Image DNC09800WIL 9816VDL Bova FuturaWilliams TravelBuckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015
10 Jun 2019DNC09801Image DNC09801GN09 FYPIveco Eurocargo 75E16S waste collection tipperVeolia (City of Westminster contract)Ecclestone Bridge, London 06/07/2015
10 Jun 2019DNC09802Image DNC09802LX54 GZOVolvo B7TL Alexander PresidentGo-Ahead London General [PVL 402]Buckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015
Route: 44 - Tooting Station
10 Jun 2019DNC09803Image DNC09803SN12 AAVAlexander Dennis Enviro 400Abellio London [9524]Buckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015
10 Jun 2019DNC09804Image DNC09804T210 XBVDAF SDB250 Plaxton President open topRAPT (The Original Tour) [DLP 210]Buckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015
10 Jun 2019DNC09805Image DNC09805AE10 JSZVolvo B9R Plaxton EliteCambus (National Express) [53706]Buckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015
10 Jun 2019DNC09806Image DNC09806YJ56 OSFDAF CF 75.360 concrete mixerno titlesBuckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015
10 Jun 2019DNC09807Image DNC09807KX09 NCUVolvo B12B Plaxton PantherStagecoach Midland Red (Megabus) [54056]Buckingham Palace Road, London 06/07/2015